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Purinacarepetinsurance.com Website Review & Ratings + PurinaCare Pet Insurance Coupons

PurinaCare Pet Insurance is a subsidiary of the Nestle Purina Pet Care Company, sharing a desire to care for our pets, who have become part of our daily lives and members of our families.  Simply put, PurinaCare Insurance provides pet owners with a selection of affordable health programs for healthier pets.  The programs allow pet owners to take advantage of current venterinary advances available to the local community.

PurinaCare Pet Insurance was created and launched in the spring of 2008 with a mission to offer pet owners a comprehensive pet insurance policy for dogs and cats.  The goal was to develop a health insurance policy for pets, covering preventative health services and assistance with more serious health conditions.  The programs offer a range of prices and deductibles to fit the pet owner’s lifestyle and financial needs.


PurinaCare Pet Insurance: What makes it different?

PurinaCare Pet Insurance offers consumers a selection of services ensuring that our pets enjoy a long and healthy life.  The policies take into account the medical conditions associated with breeds, the environment and common medical conditions.

Best Available PurinaCare Pet Insurance Coupon:
PurinaCare Pet Insurance vs. primary competitors (sites similar to PurinaCare Pet Insurance)

The 5 Vital Pet Insurance Coverage Must-Haves is a list of the top Pet Insurance Providers with a breakdown of the insurance policy inclusions and exclusions being offered.  PurinaCare Pet Insurance is offering 5 basic care services to ensure your pet's health for the lowest price comparison to the competitors. 

The top three competitors are:

Healthy Paws pet insurance covers pets in all 50 states, and covers up to 90% of vet treatments depending on policy limits.  There are no surcharges for visiting a specialist or an emergency clinic, but does have a limtations for coverage pertaining to dysplasia; pets must be enrolled prior to reaching 6 years of age.  Examination fees for accidents, injuries, illnesses or out of the normaly dental routine may be excluded from the insurance policy, but available as an add on charge.

24 Petwatch pet insurance provides coverage for a pet's accident and illnesses within North American. 24 Petwatch offers basic plans that cover from 70% up to 90% of the costs for pet health care with limited deductibles, and coverages per incident. There is a special senior pet insurance policy plan that allows up to 100% of the selected geriatric ailments for older pets. Pet owners can select services and build a particular policy to fit their budget with annual wellness plans for $150.00.

Embrace offers pet owners the option of building a customized plan, with basic health care and add ons within the policy.  Routine wellness is an add on along with prescription medications and limited dental coverage.  Pre-existing conditions are not covered and the site suggest pet owners take the time to decide how to manage the cost of the policy by adjusting the deductible amounts - increase the deductible and reduce the policy premium, lower the deductible, along with a lower co-pay and pet owners can modify the pet insurance monthly costs to fit a predetermined budget.

PurinaCare Pet Insurance: Pricing & packages

In a comparison study PurinaCare Pet Insurance ranked in the top four pet insurance companies.  All four companies offered identical coverage, overall PurinaCare costs based on basic monthly coverage’s were less than competitors. 

The prices range from approximately $4.00 to $83.00 per month, depending on the pet owner’s location, the breed of animal and additional add on coverage services.  Insurance offered by PurinaCare is underwritten by Central State Indemnity Co of Omaha. 

There are three plans, with the most popular being the PurinaCare plus Preventative Care and PurinaCare without Preventive Care.  The third program is the PurinaCare, Accident only.

 PurinaCare plus Preventive Care

  • Eligible accidents and illness, routine expense for annual exams and vaccinations, flea and heartworm control with dental scaling and polishing. 
  • This plan also includes spaying and neutering, prescription medications, hospitalization, surgery, and hereditary conditions.

 PurinaCare without Preventive Care

  • Insurance policy covers treatments for eligible accidents and illness, hereditary conditions, hospitalization, surgery, diagnostics, and prescription medications.

 PurinaCare, Accident Only

  •  Insures treatment for unexpected accidents.
PurinaCare Pet Insurance: Product images & screenshots
PurinaCare Pet Insurance Coupons
PurinaCare Pet Insurance: Customer reviews & comments

PurinaCare Pet Insurnace Product Reviews

I signed up for dog insurance, was told many times it would be about $67 but because i have AAA id get a 5% discount. great! however my bank account was charged double and now I cant get it touch with the girl who sold me the insurance. I dont know if she was sick or just that busy but this was unexpected and not ok. I signed up for the insurance the end of the last week of April and even if they charged me a whole month of April, I didn't even have the dog the whole month and think that'd be such a rip off. Below I checked I would recommend the company only because I haven't used it yet and so i can't give an opinion.

My cat recently tested positive for FeLV (feline leukemia). I was devastated and knew I wanted to do everything possible for him including diagnostic testing and the proper medication. This insurance gave me peace of mind that I could do all of this and still be ablet afford the high quality food and vitamins that I knew would be best for him. The turn around time for claims was less than 12 hours in most cases and I recieved reimbursement promptly. The customer services representatives were personable and knowledgable. The rep I talked to was actually a former vet tech! How comforting! I am so thankful I decided to make the choice to insure my little one. They are too precious not to!

In 2008, the 85-year old Purina PetCare Company launched PurinaCare Pet Health Insurance. Covering cats and dogs as young as 8 weeks of age, this pet insurance company offers PurinaCare Without and PurinaCare With Preventative Care plans.

Best Available PurinaCare Pet Insurance Coupon:
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Comments (3)

Very useful review. Purina also produces food for our dear pets. Thank you for posting. 

Ranked #1 in

Great review comparison. People can also avoid expensive vet visits by taking better care of their pet in general too.

Thanks for the info. I've considered getting pet insurance and am bookmarking this article for reference!

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