Purinacarepetinsurance.com Website Review & Ratings + PurinaCare Pet Insurance Coupons
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Purinacarepetinsurance.com Website Review & Ratings + PurinaCare Pet Insurance Coupons

PurinaCare Pet Insurance: Products & Services

PurinaCare Pet Insurance is a company that specializes in pet insurance. They offer insurance for dogs and cats that are at least 8 weeks old. They offer a discount if more than one pet is covered. They offer simple insurance plans and comprehensive insurance plans. They allow the customer to choose what vet they would like their pet to use.

PurinaCare Pet Insurance: Company Background

PurinaCare Pet Insurance was founded in 2008. Their headquarters is located in San AntonioTX. PurinaCare Pet Insurance states, "Insurance underwritten by member companies of Central States Indemnity Co. of Omaha". They had three years of research and development prior to the company opening. They want to help pet owners manage pet care and help the animals live longer. They also want to help pet owners afford to take advantage of the latest advances in veterinary medicine.

PurinaCare Pet Insurance: Customer Feedback & Reviews

There are mixed reviews for PurinaCare Pet Insurance. Some customers say the plans are overpriced and don't give the needed coverage. One customer said, "My puppy is 4 months old and just received a policy which will not cover anything with a lower urinary tract infection or diarrhea or any associated conditions with the above diagnosis! Really!! Diarrhea and UTI infections are very common in puppies. She has never been diagnosed with any disease just basic things puppies get, diarrhea and UTI infections. So for the next 6 months if anything remotely associated with diarrhea or uti infections Purina will not pay anything.".

Other customers are happy with the money they have saved, and the quality of the service they have received. One customer said, "I've had Purina Care for almost 4 years with our dog and I have used it many times. It has saved us thousands of dollars. Our dog has eaten many things and had 2 surgeries for foreign object removal. There isn't a policy out there that is better. Our other dog has another pet policy which is not as good.".

PurinaCare Pet Insurance: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

PurinaCare Pet Insurance is not a Better Business Bureau accredited company. On the BBB rating scale of A+ to F, the BBB has given PurinaCare Pet Insurance a rating of A. They have had 3 complaints in the past 3 years and zero complaints in the past 12 months. All of the complaints are closed. Most of the complaints were regarding problems with the product or services.

PurinaCare Pet Insurance: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa traffic ranker shows PurinaCare Pet Insurance ranks 358,750 globally and 107,083 in the United States. They have a reputation of 523 sites linking in. Visitors spend an average of 2 minutes on the site per day with 48 second page views. The most frequent visitor of the site are college educated females between the ages of 55-64 with no children.

Google PageRank gives PurinaCare Pet Insurance a rating of 5 out of a possible 10 points.

PurinaCare Pet Insurance: Social Media Presence

PurinaCare Pet Insurance has a Facebook page with 28,711 likes. They use this page to communicate with their followers, and they offer customer reviews on this page as well. They have a Twitter with 658 followers. They share tips, stores and more on this page. They have a YouTube page with 9 subscribers. Lastly they offer a blog with many different articles.

PurinaCare Pet Insurance: Website Security & Safety

PurinaCare Pet Insurance collects and uses personal information for business purposes. They state, "Information may be disclosed to our affiliates and our affiliates may use that information to offer products and services to you. Information may also be disclosed to nonaffiliated third parties, such as insurance companies and companies that process data or provide general administrative services for us.". Please see the privacy policy for more information.

PurinaCare Pet Insurance is Norton Secured powered by VeriSign. They use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to ensure personal information is encrypted prior to being transmitted over the internet.

Google Safe Browser does not currently list this site as suspicious. They are not hosted by any malicious software at this time, and they currently have no known viruses associated with this site.

PurinaCare Pet Insurance: Pricing & Packages

PurinaCare Pet Insurance does not show any pricing on their website. To see pricing, the customer must get a quote. Therefore it is not possible to compare pricing with other companies, as they do not show pricing on the website. I would reccomend getting a quote and researching other companies at that point.

PurinaCare Pet Insurance: Shipping Rates & Policies

No shipping policies.

PurinaCare Pet Insurance: Payment Methods Accepted

PurinaCare Pet Insurance does not list what kind of payment methods they accept on their website. First the customer must get a quote through email, then the customer must decide what type of insurance they would like to set up, then the customer enters all the information and lastly the payment information. I would recommend contating customer service to see what types of payment methods they accept prior to purchasing any insurance from them.

PurinaCare Pet Insurance: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

PurinaCare Pet Insurance does not list any return policies on their website. They also do not list if they accept cancellations. I would strongly recommend contacting PurinaCare Pet Insurance directly to find out what their return and cancellation policy is prior to purchasing any kind of insurance from PurinaCare Pet Insurance.

PurinaCare Pet Insurance: Product images & screenshots
PurinaCare Pet Insurance Coupons
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